• Will Molina

Why WorkShare?

Updated: Sep 23

The coronavirus crisis has forced companies across the country to cut workers’ hours. But thanks to a little-known program called "work share" or "shared work" some of those businesses have kept their staff off the unemployment line.

In a shared-work arrangement, an employer can avoid laying people off by temporarily reducing hours for an entire department or shift. Each of the affected employees then receives unemployment compensation for the hours they lose.

So everyone gets to keep their jobs, even at a reduced amount of work and employees can file for partial unemployment and receive payments.

Work sharing has gained popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, largely because it allows businesses to retain staff who are already trained and familiar with their workplace. The big advantage for employers is when we get past this COVID-19 pandemic, and we will, employers can scale back up the employers hours. No employer wants to lose valuable employees nor spend the time training someone new, having a trusted relationship with someone, and then having to cut them and lose them. If you are interested in find out more, check out how we've helped CA implement WorkShare.



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