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Keep your people employed with this little-known UI program

The Covid-19 crisis has forced companies across the country to cut workers’ hours and many have been furloughed or let go indefinitely. This has resulted in an incoming wave of unemployment claims that each state is most likely unable to sustain in the long run. This is where Work Share comes into play.

A little known program called "Work share" or "shared work", has helped businesses keep their staff off the unemployment line. In a shared-work arrangement, an employer can avoid laying people off by temporarily reducing hours for an entire department or shift. Each of the affected employees then receives partial unemployment compensation for the hours they lose, which means that each employee can continue to be employed without the expense or stress of losing their job.

Recently, Citizen360 launched a Work Share portal for the California government. This portal allows states to rapidly receive and process Work Share applications from employers. It is a quick and easy to use option that cuts down implementation and processing times while making Work Share accessible to a larger portion of the population. As of August 2020, California’s portal facilitated unemployment benefits for more than 1,944 employers and 46,214 employees. Thanks to this Work Share solution about 50,000 Californians are still employed.

This program has the potential to save states’ economies as it prevents a bleed-out of unemployment income by providing partial benefits instead of full. So, why is it not being implemented in more states?

As an existing platform, our Work Share solution has the possibility to be implemented quickly and at a low cost while adapting to each states’ needs and requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how to keep your people employed by using your existing UI Work Share program.



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