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Updated: Sep 23

The COVID-19 crisis revealed a system unable to manage the sudden volume of claims, compounded by a lack of understanding of how to pull data from the systems, analyze that data, and adjust operations to solve critical problems, including talking to employees at all levels of the organization to uncover problems, barriers and resource needs. In many cases, state government leaders are being expected to operate with a level of sophistication for which they have had limited training and may have little exposure to what modern technology tools can do and how technology, operations, and policy work together to drive measurable outcomes.

In the future, the state needs hybrid tech-policy teams who actively bring the worlds of regulations, requirements and programs together with operations, technology and systems to better serve Californians.

We need to practice modern techniques like agile development, user-centered design and data-grounded decision making. We need to find creative solutions and support iteration, moving quickly and constantly making improvements over time.

This shift is going to mean historic changes in the way California has done business for years, and requires a re-thinking of how technology is designed, procured, deployed and maintained. Good government in 2020 that is responsible to its citizens requires people who know how to integrate new technology tools into departmental operations and programs, with policies and processes that are revisited and updated constantly to achieve the desired programmatic goals. Departments need to put systems in place where everyone – executive leadership, managers, supervisors, vendors, front-line employees, user-experience experts and IT support teams – have a well-developed, common focus on their primary objectives. In this way, departments will be less dependent on large vendors and large, inflexible systems, and more able to adjust to accomplish their department’s mission and serve the public well.

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