Your department doesn't stop; neither do we. 

OChat is a Solution as a Service that simplifies how your content is transformed in a way that is rapid and responsive to daily changes. 

With our chat bot framework loaded with your content, you can reach a variety of channels; from  Web, Mobile, SmartWatches, your SmartTV and (why not) your eventual voice recognition devices (Alexa, etc.). 

A  specialist answering questions 24,  oChat provides your constituents guiding pathways on questions regarding your OHSA, Worker’s Compensation, or other Labor related programs.


Our Service

Our expertise enables us to deliver high quality and proven strategy and architecture, in addition to providing services in all relevant areas of implementation.


We will provide expert business analysts who can quickly acquire program and policy knowledge and transform business requirements into functional designs that can be deployed and integrated into our client’s decision making process.


We will provide experienced Solution Architects to design policy manuals into a flexible online solution that accurately reflect and enforces our client’s policy requirements.  We always design our solutions to focus on our client’s User Experience so that your customer's can rapidly and easily get the information they are looking for.  We will design, create, integrate, test, and implement our cloud based solutions, or we will integrate with our client’s team and work collectively to service our clients.


We will provide technical architects who will ensure that our solutions integrate effectively within our client’s current system architecture, including on-premise, cloud, a hybrid approach or on a mobile platform.  Our team has extensive experience implementing solutions within large scale, mission critical, enterprise applications.  Additionally, we have deep expertise in web services, .NET and Java, which gives us the flexibility to integrate with existing and legacy systems. Our developers will also customize our solutions to suit our client’s exact requirements while still maintaining core standard functionality of the product and enabling maximum benefit.


We will offer the capability to our client in which we manage every aspect of the project as required.  We have proven experience in managing the full project lifecycle using both agile, hybrid, and traditional waterfall methodologies. We can provide guidance at executive and management level and have successfully advised directors and senior executives on IT strategy and policy automation compliance.


We can tailor our training courses to develop the internal capabilities of organizations and reduce dependence on external support.

Working Coffee


24/7 assistance

Wherever, Whenever


Easy access to information

Simple and Direct

Simplifies and provides accurate information


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