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OChat is a Solution as a Service that simplifies how your content is transformed in a way that is rapid and responsive to daily changes. 

With our chat bot framework loaded with your content, you can reach a variety of channels; from  Web, Mobile, SmartWatches, your SmartTV and (why not) your eventual voice recognition devices (Alexa, etc.). 

A  specialist answering questions 24/7,  oChat provides your constituents guiding pathways on questions regarding your OHSA, Worker’s Compensation, or other Labor related programs.

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The Citizen360 oEqual Automated Hiring Solution allows you to fairly screen, interview, and short list the right candidates all remotely by leveraging automated and data driven remote technologies to manage the hiring process. Ensure equal opportunity and remove hiring bias from your process with repeatable, data driven hiring processes and introspective analytics to eradicate bias.

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