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CDF Exchange Platform


The Common Data File (CDF) exchange is the conforming data format file sharing between the home loan servicing market and the governmental home financial agencies.  This exchange supports multiple governmental programs such as the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) in the past, and the Home Assistance Fund (HAF) currently.


As the name implies, the best part of the CDF is that the file format is the same.  This common file allows for the agencies to interact with each other’s systems and lends to consistent system automations, subsequently, minimizing operational cost and errors. The CDF is the standard, therefore, servicers don’t have to change any of their systems or current automations to support the next State Assistance Program.


Our CDF exchange is an automated process keeping this process streamlined for your staff.  And the best part, you don’t even have to ‘touch it’,  as our automation handles the data validations, and our IT Support Team remotely administrates the infrastructure and reporting environments for you. 


Basically, you identify the governmental program and prepare your team for the program’s outreach and marketing strategies, and we’ll supply the IT platform for your agency to ‘plug’ into.  We’ll safely and securely handle the CDF exchange between your State and your homeowners in peril, with their Servicers.



Consisting of two components, a screening/eligibility process and intake application review portal, the ONAIR Case Management System allows for the reception, sorting and approval of applications and documents. 


Used in conjunction with the Navigator, ONAIR takes the user through a series of steps that allow for  program eligibility determination in a time efficient experience for the user. Once they're approved through the Eligibility Navigator, the user is directed to the Intake Portal where they as an applicant  can create an account and fill out an application. Finally, an agent can review and evaluate this submitted application through their Review Portal. The agent can also request additional information from the user, schedule email reminders, update application status, and pull and analyze reports, among other possibilities that allow for a fully data driven user experience.

  • Time and cost efficient for the user and reviewing agent

  • Eligibility Navigator that determines user qualifications

  • Intake Portal that guides the user through the application process

  • Review Portal that allows agents to process applications

  • Reminder Notifications and Information Request emails 

  • Multi-language support 

  • A platform that is responsive, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, and hosted and secured through AWS government cloud

images.jfif is a complete platform that contains a suite of features to help plan, design, develop, and execute outreach and marketing campaigns. Using advanced maps, Census data, and other geographic insights, the CommunityOutreach platform facilitates a data-driven approach, both for planning where to target efforts and for assessing the effectiveness of the campaign and adjusting when necessary.

  • Public dashboards for transparency and communication

  • Internal dashboards that present more granular campaign data to understand effectiveness and impact

  • LocationAI – an interactive mapping and data analytics tool that helps CBOs and executives answer specific questions about the campaign and allows users to create custom queries at a general area

  • Single and bulk reporter tool that allows CBOs to comply with contractual reporting requirements. 

  • Geocoding and data validation to ensure data quality

  • Detailed statistical charts and analysis

  • The ability to analyze qualitative and unstructured data through the use of AI and custom intent detection models to facilitate the grouping and visualization of unstructured text

  • Collaborative tools that encourage CBOs to work together in a geographic area

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The Citizen360 oChat Intelligent Response Agent is a fully managed interactive chatbot that can be installed on any webpage to help visitors get accurate, quick, simple answers and information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


With the Citizen360 oChat at the gate to your website, you will find that those time consuming repetitive information requests go away, and your customer support lines are freed up to focus on bigger issues


 All a visitor needs to do is click on the customized avatar and start typing their question or key word. Our oChat agent will begin searching for the answer to provide. If a visitor is not sure what to ask, our oChat agent displays the top questions and topics of the day to get the conversation started. And if English is not a language your visitor is comfortable with, they can switch mid-session to the other popular languages your website supports.

  • Always on 24/7 

  • Can provide answers to 75% or more of the common questions

  • Personalized journey for each visitor 

  • Multi-language support 

  • Able to link visitors directly to page or document they are searching for 

  • Customizable data rules for security 

  • Intelligent Always-on Reporting

  • Ability to link oChats from different pages or sites and share knowledge 

  • Ability to link to other routines that book appointments, capture emails or phone numbers for follow-up 

  • Compatibility with most hardware, legacy applications and security protocols


Download the oChat

Intelligent Response Agent Data Sheet

Learn more about how

our clients have implemented the oChat Intelligent Response Agent



Used standalone or in conjunction with the oChat Intelligent Response Agent, the Navigator uses the search terms or questions entered by a visitor to build a real-time digital map to where the relevant information is presented. 


If one of the questions matches a predetermined business rule for a process or multi-layered question, the visitor is funneled through a guided quiz that helps the user navigate knowledge bases and quickly identify the information they are looking for while preventing them from reading through blocks of complicated material. Not only does the Navigator bring the visitor to specific information, but it provides bite-sized knowledge areas which are easily understood and consumed by the user.

  • Provides website visitors quick, easy access to searched for information 

  • Complex information turned into clear consumable pieces

  • Present all relevant information pertaining to visitors request in one place

  • Relieves call volume to live-agents or call centers

  • Allows for easy updates to information without any website redesign

  • Compatibility with most hardware, legacy applications and security protocols


Download the Navigator

Data Sheet



The Citizen360 oEqual Automated Hiring Solution allows you to fairly screen, interview, and short list the right candidates all remotely by leveraging automated and data driven remote technologies to manage the hiring process. Ensure equal opportunity and remove hiring bias from your process with repeatable, data driven hiring processes and introspective analytics to eradicate bias.


Ensure equal opportunity

for all your candidates.


Download the oEqual

Data Sheet

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